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Octopus drawing

Octopus drawing6

There are many different kinds of animals on our planet. Some of them look like they are from another planet because they are so weird. Octopuses are one of those animals.

Octopuses are very unique. They look like they don’t belong on earth. There are many different types of octopuses.

Octopuses are interesting looking animals. They have eight legs and two eyes on stalks. They are very different from most other animals. They are different colors, too.

Some are brown, some are blue, and some are even orange. People like to draw pictures of octopuses because they are so different from other animals.

In today’s lesson, we will learn how to draw an octopus. The octopus has eight legs and two eyes. It is a very cute animal and it is easy to draw. In this lesson, we will draw the octopus on paper.

Look at the steps carefully and notice that the blue lines show you where to draw the newest parts of the octopus.

1st Step:

To draw the head of the octopus, start by drawing a circle that is mostly filled in.

2nd Step:

Add two small tentacles coming off the side of the head shape.

3rd Step:

Add two more sticks next to the first ones.

4th Step:

Now you know what to do. You can make your octopus have eight tentacles.

5th Step:

There is only one more tentacle to add to the octopus. You can draw this last tentacle into the space that we left on the right side of the head.

We’ve been drawing a lot of tentacles, so let’s draw something else for a change.

6th Step:

You’re almost ready to move on to the next step of this guide on how to draw an octopus!

Octopus drawing

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