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How To Draw Uncle Sam Step by Step

How To Draw Uncle Sam Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

Step 1

This is the first step. Follow these instructions to help you frame Uncle Sam. Begin by creating an oval-shaped circle for Uncle Sam’s head. Next, add guide lines to his face. Next, draw a circle around his head and contour his torso.

Step 2

Next, you’ll draw or sketch his face. Begin by drawing his busy eyebrows. Next, draw eyes and pupils with an almond shape. Next, draw two lines in the shape of an “L” to define your cheeks. Create a wide nose. Next, draw lines for your lips. You will now shape his jacket with a crease. Once you’re done, draw in his goatee. Then his hand will be pointed directly at you.

Step 3

Complete the lining of his hat, and draw the line for the strap. Now, you will outline his messy-looking hair that hangs out on top of the hat. Next, draw the collar of his tie and its lining. Next, detail the jacket with dividers. You can also wrinkle his shirt and add nails to his fingers.

Step 4

This step will only detail his face and add some color to his pupils. Next, draw two full-size stars and two half-stars. Next, detail his coat. Then you can erase all the shapes and guides that you created in step 1. You’re done.

Step 5

After you have finished drawing, you will see him looking like this. Use markers, red and blue pencils or crayons to color him. You’re done. This tutorial will show you how to draw Uncle Sam step-by-step. I will be back with another tutorial.

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