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How to draw stitch

How to draw stitch15

Stitch is an alien. His real name is Experiment 626. He is the title character in the movie Lilo and Stitch.

The movie is about him and his friend Lilo. Stitch is a funny alien who doesn’t know how to behave. He is a good alien who wants to do good things.

It’s always fun to draw a princess. But it can be monotonous to always draw a princess with a princess dress and a princess crown. So, take a break from those princess drawings and try your hand at a drawing of Stitch, a lovable alien. You can make the job easier by following the step by step drawing instructions.

Stitch can hide his spikes and antennae. He can hide them because he has the ability to retract them. That means he can make them shorter and smaller.

He can also make a second set of arms smaller and shorter. He can do that because he has the ability to do that.

Did you know? Stitch was created in 1985 for a children’s book that was never published. Then, the movie was made in 2002.

Would you like to draw Stitch? This easy, step-by-step drawing guide is here to help.

You will need a pencil and an eraser. You can also color your picture if you want to.

step by step drawing with easy instructions to make the job simpler.

  • Draw two circles the same size. The top one should overlap the bottom one.
  • Now make another small circle inside the big circle for your Stitch’s nose. And draw two curved lines pointing up at the sides of the big circle for the outlines of his ears.
  • Draw two circles on the paper. The top circle is the head and the bottom circle is the body.
  • Now it’s time to start working on his eyes, and also draw the nostrils to the circle nose you drew earlier.
  • Use the guidelines to draw his lower jaw.
  • Use the picture as a guide.

How to draw stitch

Now you know how to draw Stitch. You can try drawing him again.

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