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How To Draw Smaug from the Hobbit Step by Step

How To Draw Smaug from the Hobbit Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

Step 1

Begin by drawing the head of the dragon. Water drop dragon eyeliner. To create the pupil, shade a circle within it and then contour the eye with curved lines. To draw the eye contours and top of the head, use a series interconnected curve lines. These lines should connect at sharp points.

Step 2

To draw the nostrils, use a curved line to create the outline. The “Y”-shaped curves are used to draw the open mouth. To complete the contour of your lower jaw, draw a series of curves joining at rounded points. You can draw curved lines around the corners of your mouth.

Step 3

To outline the teeth in the open mouth, draw “U”-shaped lines. Next, create a series connected curves that outline the smoke coming from the majestic jaws.

Step 4

Continue drawing smoke and flames from the dragon’s mouth using curved lines which meet at jagged points. To enclose an amorphous form similar to the one shown in the first photo, use curves and jagged edges.

Step 5

Draw the neckline and shoulders. Begin by drawing the spikes at the back of your head with curved lines that intersect at points. Next, draw parallel lines to create a sinusoidal neck. To start the shoulders, overlap another curving line.

Step 6

To indicate the shoulder blades remaining, draw a curve and then draw the dragon’s wings. Draw two curves from the shoulders. To form the sail, draw a large U-shaped line. Long curved lines should be drawn along the length of each wing. Connect each one to the next line or to the side using a short curve line. Then, trace the rest of your wing using a curve, starting at the neck.

Step 7

Draw Smaug’s arm. Use intersecting curves. Pay attention to how your fingers reach the tip and point of the pointed claw.

Step 8

Draw the tail and rear legs of the dragon. A series of curves should be drawn that intersect at sharp points. To indicate spikes, draw lines along the tail’s center.

Step 9

Draw the treasure Smaug is protecting. Use curved lines to outline the mounds. To give the coin pile texture, create short curves or small ovals.

Step 10

Your Smaug cartoon can be colored. Red is his favorite color.

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