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How to draw raccoon step by step

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In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a raccoon. You will need some paper and a pencil.

Follow the steps and you will see that it is easy to draw a raccoon. And you will learn how to draw a raccoon.

1st Step:

First draw the head. Draw a wide U shape with a pointy nose at the bottom.

how to draw raccoon1

2nd Step:

Add two circles on top of the head.

how to draw raccoon2

3rd Step:

Draw two small eyes in the middle of the face. At the very end of the bump below is a round nose.

Apply large circles around the eyes to give the raccoon its masked shape.

how to draw raccoon3

4th Step:

Now draw a curved back that goes down toward the rump. Add a short front leg.

The top part of the leg is wider than the hand at the bottom. Don’t forget to add the delicate fingers on the hand.

Continue the other side of the arm back up.

how to draw raccoon4

5th Step:

Draw a short line on the front leg. Now draw a long line on the back leg.

Keep drawing the back of the leg until you reach the end of the rump line. The back foot has very long toes.

how to draw raccoon5

6th Step:

Draw a tail for the dinosaur. The tail is about the same length as the body.

There are lines that look like the rings of a tree trunk on the tail.

how to draw raccoon6

7th Step:

Now add another front leg right under the head. There is another hind foot just below the belly.

Remember the long toes on both feet.

how to draw raccoon7


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