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How to Draw Penguin

How to Draw Penguin

Your Kids can examine how to draw a penguin by using following the pix in this handy guide.

Have exciting with this easy step by way of step lesson for getting to know how to draw a penguin. This handy penguin tutorial is best for younger youth searching to examine how to draw.

All drawing steps are blanketed right here which make it exciting and convenient to follow! Plan for this drawing to closing about 20 minutes, however the innovative technique can honestly take extra time if a history is blanketed in addition to the issue matter.

Enjoy mastering how to draw a penguin. Go past the lesson…don’t neglect to add some private details. It is time to get drawing!

How to Draw Penguin Step-By-Step

In this tutorial, we will commence with a clean piece of paper and find out how to draw a penguin in 6 illustrative steps. We will be aware the form and measurement of every of the drawn components of the penguin.

1st Step:

Start your penguin drawing by creating a vertical oval in the middle of your paper. It does not have to be perfect. Just draw the belly the best you can.

2nd Step:

Then, draw the rest of the body at the right side of the belly shape. Start from the head and work your way down to the tail.

3rd Step:

Since we are drawing the penguin sideways, we will draw the flipper overlapping the oval shape (belly) we did on Step 1.

4th Step:

Draw the penguin’s eyes above at the head and the beak sideways as well.

5th Step:

Don’t forget to add the feet near the bottom of its body.

6th Step:

Color your penguin by using black and orange crayon. You can even mix a small amount of blue or purple into your black like in the drawing above. Add light blue colors for some added shading on the belly if you wish.


You’ve drawn your penguin, you’ve coloured it in, and that ability that you have reached the stop of this information on how to draw a penguin!

This information was once made mainly to make it lots less difficult for you to examine how to draw this lovable bird.

With these guides, we strive to smash it down into numerous steps that are damaged down into easier strains and shapes that come collectively to structure a exquisite drawing.

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