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How to Draw Peacock

How to Draw Peacock

Learn how to draw a peacock with the aid of drawing alongside with this enticing drawing guide!

Kids will revel in this easy step by means of step lesson for gaining knowledge of how to draw a peacock. This handy peacock lesson is best for younger teenagers searching to examine how to draw.

All drawing steps are covered right here which make it exciting and convenient to follow! Expect this drawing to take about 20 minutes, however the art-making procedure can simply take extra time if a heritage is created as well.

Drawing is plenty greater exciting when you have a easy-to-understand lesson to reference. Enjoy!

How to Draw Peacock Step-By-Step

This lesson will teach you how to draw a peacock. We will pay attention to the shapes of each section and types of lines created so that the artwork looks right.

1st Step:

Start your peacock by drawing a small circle in the lower middle part of your paper. It will be its body.

2nd Step:

The head and neck will overlap the circle you draw. Let us make the head sideways so you can add the beak, eyes, and the crown.

3rd Step:

After that, add the peacock’s legs, make them long and make the feet similar to a chicken’s feet.

4th Step:

The peacock’s tail is shaped like a fan. Make sure that it will go above the peacock’s head.

5th Step:

Don’t forget to decorate its tail. Add eye-shaped details and lines inside the tail.

6th Step:

Be creative and colorful! Color the peacock using different crayons. Green and blue match perfectly with yellow, pink and purple.


Now you recognize how to draw a stunning peacock with an open tail from scratch! If you’ve got accompanied my steps and you like your quit result, experience free to share it in the comments—I’d love to see it!

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