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How to Draw Nose

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How to Draw Nose

In this drawing tutorial, we will exhibit you how to draw a nose. This tutorial is extraordinarily essential for all and sundry who wishes to study how to draw sensible faces.

The nose is one of the most seen components of the face, and drawing a nose has a variety of very necessary aspects that we will speak about in this article.

Before beginning this lesson, you can examine our article on the anatomy of the nostril to recognize greater about the shape of this organ.

So let’s get down to the lesson and study how to draw a nose.

How to Draw Nose Step-By-Step

1st Step:

So, before you start drawing a nose, you need to draw a vertical centerline, which will serve as a guide for you to maintain symmetry and proportions. On a person’s face, this line runs right in the center of the face.

2nd Step:

Now in the lower part of the line draw the horizontal line of the base of the nose, and in the upper part draw the approximate location of the upper border of the nose. At the bottom, outline the lateral borders of the tip and wings of the nose.

3rd Step:

Now using very light lines draw the nasal dorsum (nasal bridge). It can have a variety of shapes and differ from the one shown in our example. Using the lines drawn in the previous steps, draw the bottom edges of the tip and wings of the nose.

4th Step:

Finish drawing the tip and wings of the nose, giving them smoother outlines. Don’t forget to draw the nostrils. Next, give the nasal dorsum a smoother look by connecting the previously drawn guidelines with soft and flowing lines.

5th Step:

To give the nose drawing a more complete and clean look, delete all unnecessary guidelines drawn by us in the previous steps. Make the necessary lines smoother and more accurate.

6th Step:

Now, with the help of hatching, add shadows to your nose drawing. This will make it look more voluminous and realistic.

7th Step:

Try to analyze your drawing and compare it with our example. Look for mistakes, and if you find them, then fix them. If you did everything correctly, then your nose drawing should be approximately similar to what you see in our example.


Recall that all noses are very different, and what you see in our instance is a variety of system with which you can draw any nostril in the world. Just add the crucial outlines as you draw to make the ultimate end result extra like what you want.

Try drawing this nostril a number of times, repeating all the steps. Try altering the form of the nose, exchange the attitude of incidence of the light, and add some details, for instance freckles.

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