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How to draw lips

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How to draw lips 10

How to Draw Lips by Pencil. Step by step drawing instructions. How to photograph a planet.

1st Step:

line haul. Draw a curve in the middle of the line. Draw a line that connects the curve to the base of the line. The longer the line, the wider your lips. The shorter the line, the heavier it is.

How to draw lips 1

2nd Step:

Draw a bow shape for the upper part of the mouth to look like Cupid’s bow.

How to draw lips 2

3rd Step:

Draw a curve to form the lower lip.
Draw a straight downward line to open the mouth.

How to draw lips 3

4th Step:

After removing the triangle I knew it would be a shadow on the left side of the lower lip. I sketched the light source coming from the top right. I also outlined the areas I wanted to highlight.

How to draw lips 4

5th Step:

Polish upper lip and lower lip. Leave the areas around the corners of the mouth lighter. The shadow under the lower lip starts from the right and moves to the left.

How to draw lips 5

6th Step:

Use a pencil to draw some lines on your lips to make them look wrinkled.

How to draw lips 6

7th Step:

You’ll now use a stamp to add shadow to the lower lip (you can learn how to use it here). But you will avoid the areas we mentioned in Step 4. That space on the lips will look full and round. You will see that the wrinkles on the lips gradually start merging with the ball. But they must not disappear!

How to draw lips 7

8th Step:

Clear the highlights of your drawing with the tip of the pencil sharpener.

How to draw lips 8

9th Step:

Repeat STEP 7-8 for the upper lip.

How to draw lips 9

10th Step:

Using the 6b pencil, create wrinkles around the lips and under the lower lip.

How to draw lips 10

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