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Home » How to draw LIAM PAYNE from ONE DIRECTION Step by Step

How to draw LIAM PAYNE from ONE DIRECTION Step by Step

How to draw LIAM PAYNE from ONE DIRECTION Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

Step 1

Use a #2 pencil or HB to lightly draw an oval. Draw it exactly as shown in this picture.

Step 2

To balance his features, draw a red bisector.

Step 3

For the hairline, outline the crescent-red lines lightly.

Step 4

For eyebrows, you can draw lines a., b., eyes, nose, mouth, and shoulder positions.

Step 5

Now, draw Liam’s eyes and eyebrows.

Step 6

Take note of the differences in Liam’s facial features to the principles. Draw his nose, smile line, and mouth.

Step 7

Pay attention to how Liam’s facial contours and jawline, chin, chin, ears relate with the principles. Drawing will give you more accuracy.

Step 8

Add curls and lines to his hair as you draw it. For his bangs, use short curls. Keep your curls close to the lines that indicate his direction. This will help you when shading it.

Step 9

Now, draw your collar and shoulders. You can remove your rule if you don’t own one.

Step 10

If you don’t wish to use pencil shading or blending, I created this line drawing for you. Let’s move on to the pencil drawing if you don’t want to do the shading and blending.

Step 11

Here’s a sketch made with a 0.7mm pencil. Take a look at your lines and you will see that they look like this. If your eyes or nose are not aligned, you can erase them. For a more natural look, use your kneaded eraser to erase shadow outlines and dark lines. Smooth transitions between dark and light shades (or vice versa), should be smooth. It’s not as difficult as you might think. This will become easier as you take more pictures.

Step 12

The Acrylics won this time! Sandpaper is the new kid on my block. To hit the HIGHLIGHTS, Sandpaper must lean back with my Titanium White or Opaque Watercolors. Yaaah! You will love it!

Step 13

This image shows you two ways to hold your pencil in order to achieve certain effects. EXCELLENT – A pointed pencil can be held in normal writing, with your fingers near the tip or in the middle. This allows for fine control and precise strokes. UNDERSTAND: The pencil should be held at a 45-degree angle, or close to the table. Keep the pencil flat with the tip under your hand. This will give you excellent coverage. The #2 pencil has the lead side exposed so that you can shade it. For a larger area, you can use a Cretacolor monolith graphite pencil without a wooden case. As shown in the image, the entire sharpened section is made of lead. To help you stay in control, practice toning values.

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