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How to Draw Joker

How to Draw Joker

“Smile, due to the fact it confuses people. Smile, due to the fact it is less complicated than explaining what is killing you inside.”
– The Joker

The Joker is a DC Comics supervillain, the arch nemesis of Batman. The Joker has been the enemy of Batman from the beginning; he first seemed alongside the Dark Knight in the debut trouble of the Batman comedian e book in 1940

The Joker is a crook mastermind and professional chemist who employs weaponized props, inclusive of lethal gags objects and acid-spraying lapel flowers. The Joker is usually viewed to be an insane villain with a warped experience of humor. His beginning story entails a dip in a vat of acid, which bleached his pores and skin and became his hair and lips an unnatural shade.

During the 1990s, the Joker picked up a romantic pastime and sidekick – Harley Quinn, his former psychiatrist.

Did you know? Batman writers deliberate on killing off the persona of the Joker at some point of his first comedian e book appearance. He used to be “spared via editorial intervention,” and has because been Batman’s archenemy for eight decades.

Would you like to draw the Joker? This easy, step-by-step DC Comics persona drawing tutorial is right here to exhibit you how. You will want solely a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper. You may additionally additionally desire to shade your completed character.

How to Draw Joker Step-By-Step

1st Step:

Begin by using curved lines to sketch the Joker’s face. Use long, curved lines to draw his cheeks and chin, which is a sharp point. Use shorter lines to outline the brow bone.

2nd Step:

Draw the Joker’s nose, erasing guidelines as necessary. Use two curved lines that meet in a sharp, downward facing point.

3rd Step:

Draw the Joker’s sinister eyes. Outline each eye using two curved lines. The shape should be pointed on each end. Then, draw a small circle in each eye.

4th Step:

Draw the Joker’s smiling mouth. First, outline his thin lips using curved lines. The upper and lower lips should meet at a point on one side. Connect them on the opposite side using a jagged line, enclosing the teeth. Draw a curved line to separate the upper and lower teeth.

Then, draw straight lines extending from the lips to differentiate the individual teeth. Notice that the teeth look crooked and uneven.

5th Step:

Enclose the Joker’s ear using a curved line. Draw a sharp backwards “S” shaped line to detail the inner ear.

6th Step:

Enclose the Joker’s hair using a series of curved lines. Notice the rounded indention on the forehead, and how the hair on top of the head forms locks with sharp points.

7th Step:

Draw long, curved lines descending from the head to form the neck and shoulders.

8th Step:

Sketch a triangular shape just below the neck, forming the collar of the garment. Then, draw curved lines alongside the nose and corner of the mouth, transforming the smile into a demented snarl.

9th Step:

Use curved lines to sketch the floppy bow tie beneath the garment’s collar.

10th Step:

Color the Joker. He typically has a pale face, red lips, yellow teeth, green hair, and outlandish clothing.

I hope you did well and you are now happy with the result.

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