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How to draw glasses

How to draw glasses4

If you look good in glasses, you must not die. You look wonderful in glasses.

Glasses are used to make things look bigger. Glasses are also called spectacles. The first glasses were made in 1268. They were made in Europe and China.

In pop culture, glasses are linked with intelligence. In stories, children might make fun of a kid who wears glasses because they think the kid is smart.

Clark Kent is a reporter who wears glasses. He is also Superman. He can change into Superman by taking off his glasses.

Now we will start the tutorial and learn how to draw glasses!

  • First draw a big rectangle. It should be four-sided and it should be curved. This is the first lens of the glasses.
  • Draw a second rectangular shape with curved lines. This is the second lens of the glasses.
  • Use a pair of curved lines to connect the top corners of the lenses. Erase the lines.
  • Draw a curved line on the top of the glasses. Erase the lines in the middle where the two curved lines connect.
  • Draw a rectangle around the part of the glasses that is not the lens. This will be the frame.
  • Color your glasses. You can get glasses in lots of different colors.

How to draw glasses Step-By-Step

I think that my lesson helped you to learn how to draw glasses. Draw them on a person or separately.

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