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How to Draw Geese Easy Step by Step

How to Draw Geese Easy Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

Step 1: Sketch your head and back

Locate the goose’s head and body first. For the goose’s head, draw a small circle. Next, draw a large oval to cover the bird’s body.

Step 2: Draw the gooseneck

To indicate the position and head of the neck, combine the head with the body of the goose. The neck curves slightly and tilts the head.

Step 3: Draw the Beak of the Goose

Let’s now move to the mine. Place a pointed triangle on the right side. Draw a line that is uneven between the head and beak.

Step 4: Draw eyes and nostrils

Use a small circle to draw the eyes on the top of the head. Draw a straight line from the bird’s beak to the upper part of your head. This will be the length of your mouth. Next, mark the length of the mouth by drawing a small line above it – this is the goose’s nostrils.

Step 5 – View body details

Draw a line underneath the body, in a semicircle. This will increase the volume of the goose drawing. Draw the tail of your goose using short lines.

Step 6 – Draw Wings

Begin by drawing the outer contours for the wings using a long, straight line. Add feather lines to make the wings appear more real.

Step 7 – Draw the legs of the goose

Use parallel vertical lines to draw the legs. Draw a small process on the left leg. Just below the thickening, draw a small line. As closely as possible, try to reproduce the legs’ shape.

Step 8 – Draw your goose’s paws

Let’s draw the legs. To form the contours for the feet, draw lines parallel to the body of the goose. Draw straight feet with long toes.

Step 9 – Add some feathers

Draw feathers on your lower body and the front wings. Our goose feathers are triangular. Place the feathers in a row, and then let them follow one another.

Step 10 – Disable the rule

Take out any excess lines from your goose drawing. Remove the original oval. The silhouette of the bird should be more harmonious and clear. You can also trace your goose drawing using darker lines. Colorize the goose shapes.

Step 11 – Color your goose drawing

Now it’s time for you to draw your bird. As the main color, use white with cream colors. The beak and nails can be painted in dark yellow or light brown. Soft shadows should be added to the neck and torso.

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