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How To Draw Fred Flintstone Step by Step

How To Draw Fred Flintstone Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

Step 1

This is the first step. Draw Fred Flintstone’s circles and guides. Draw a large circle around Flintstone’s big round head. Next, draw a large circle for his big round head. As shown, the end result is a lollipop.

Step 2

You can now draw Fred’s face using the outline you created in step 1. Begin with the forehead, then blend the same marker to create a large round nose. Next draw Fred’s mouth.

Step 3

Continue to draw Fred’s head and cover it with his hair. Make small oval eyes, and color some eyebrows. Next, draw Fred’s collar and tie.

Step 4

Draw a barrel-shaped representation of Fred’s body. Next, draw some spots on Fred’s clothes. Finally, draw his arms and hands.

Step 5

Next, draw his large legs and feet. Add some ankle bones and draw the toes.

Step 6

Once Fred is done, you can now outline Fred’s tie and any rough spots or marks on his clothes. Before you leave this step, erase any mistakes or instructions you made in your drawing journey.

Step 7

The line art looks clean and ready for color. I hope that you enjoy drawing Fred Flintstone in Flintstones.

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