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How to Draw Elsa and Jack Frost Step by Step

How to Draw Elsa and Jack Frost Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

Step 1

Begin by drawing such body and head guides. Draw the guidelines for the neck and face.

Step 2

Both sides will draw the shapes. Let’s begin with Jack. To shape the forehead, jawline, nose, mouth, and mouth, create a lining.

Step 3

This step will allow you to draw Jack’s messy hairstyle and outline his ears.

Step 4

We can now draw the face more precisely. Begin with the eyebrows. Next, draw the eyes, lashes and mouth in greater detail. Finally, add strokes to inner parts of the ears.

Step 5

This will show you Jack’s neck, and then his torso. These are Jack’s chest and wing bones.

Step 6

Draw Jack’s upper body as you did before, and then draw the wrinkles in the hoodie. His sweater must have a lot of folds.

Step 7

We will now start with Elsa. Draw Elsa’s forehead, nose, mouth and neck. Next, draw some of the jawline.

Step 8

With a few light strokes, outline your hairline and then curl your hair up on the forehead. You can find more details in her ears.

Step 9

There are many interpretations of Elsa’s facial expressions. You could interpret her facial expressions as Elsa being in love with Jack or saying goodbye to Jack. Next, draw and color her eyebrows. Finally, outline her eyes almost closed. After that, you can add your lashes and lipstick.

Step 10

Keep Elsa’s hair longened by combing her hair back and adding light layers to the top. Her hair is beginning to curl into a braid, as you can see. Draw the back of her neck.

Step 11

Add more braids to her shoulders.

Step 12

Next, trace Elsa’s chest and arms. Add the collar and sleeves to Elsa’s dress.

Step 13

The final step is to draw Jack’s hand on Elsa’s forehead. Draw the cuffs and add details to Jack’s palm. You can then erase all mistakes.

Step 14

That’s it. Let’s now have some fun coloring Elsa or Jack Frost. This lesson was fun.

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