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How to draw earth

How to draw earth

In this instruction, we will exhibit you how to draw the Earth. This planet Earth drawing tutorial will be very simple, however in the end, you will get a highly practical drawing of the Earth.

Our planet is beautiful, there are many top notch corners on it, there are warm deserts, glaciers, forests, and mountains, and most of the planet is occupied through water – oceans, seas, rivers, lakes. The nature of our planet Earth is very diverse, plants and fauna have a large wide variety of species.

Our project is to take care of the surroundings due to the fact this is our home. From space, the Earth appears fantastic. At such a far away distance, it has blue tints, and in our work, at the very stop of the drawing tutorial, we will use two colorings – blue and green. We will shade the world’s oceans with blue, and we will spotlight land areas with green.

If you are geared up and your artwork equipment are in the front of you, then let’s proceed to the lesson on how to draw the planet Earth easily.

How to draw earth Step-By-Step

1st Step:

To draw the Earth, you first need to draw a large circle. This ball is the outline of our beautiful planet. Try to achieve a perfectly round shape as shown in our example.

2nd Step:

Using long and curved lines draw the outlines of the continent. In our case, this is North America. But you can draw any other part of the planet Earth.

3rd Step:

Now draw another continent just below. As you can see, this is South America. Do not forget to draw Greenland at the top. As we said above, you can draw any other continent, such as Europe, Africa, Asia, or Australia.

4th Step:

Compare your drawing of the planet Earth with our example, and try to find possible mistakes to correct them. If they are not there, and your Earth drawing looks good, then start coloring.

5th Step:

Use blue to paint the ocean. Since we are drawing America, we decided to use green for the continents. Do not forget that Greenland (despite its name) should not be green, but white.

6th Step:

Today we showed you how to draw the Earth. We have drawn that part of our huge planet where North and South America is located. We hope that everything turned out well for you and that you have carefully drawn the boundaries between the mainland and the world’s oceans.

We truely hope that you had an incredible, globetrotting time whilst completing this information on how to draw the Earth!

It can be a bit elaborate getting the look of the Earth searching right, so with a bit of luck this information was once each beneficial and enjoyable for you to work with. You need to truly be very proud of your awesome drawing!

Now you get to take over and exhibit us how you will make this Earth drawing your own. Will you use some of the thoughts we cited beforehand or use some of your own? You may want to additionally wow us with some exceptional colors, so we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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