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How to draw duck step by step

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How to draw duck6

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a duck. You will need some paper and a pencil to draw this tutorial. Use the image above to reference your steps and have fun!

1st Step:

Start with the duck’s beak. It’s like a long thin triangle on an angle.

How to draw duck1

2nd Step:

Draw a triangle. Make the top point of the triangle the top of the head. Curve the top line of the triangle back down to make the head.

Draw a small circle to the left of the top of the head. Then draw a short line to the bottom of the triangle to make the neck.

How to draw duck2

3rd Step:

Draw a line from the head to the body. Curve the line down and to the right.

How to draw duck3

4th Step:

Start at the bottom of the line. Draw a wide line that curves to the right.

Then, draw a line that goes under the top of the wing and curves back up to the left.

How to draw duck4

5th Step:

Now continue the line down the rump. Bend the line back up and draw a short pointy tail just behind the tip of the wing. Add a webbed foot to the bottom of the line.

How to draw duck5

6th Step:

Add a second toe just above the first toe.

How to draw duck6



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