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How to draw coconut tree Easy step by step

How to draw coconut tree Easy step by step8

This tutorial shows how to draw a coconut tree. Coconut trees are tall palms. They are planted in the tropics. The fruit of the coconut tree is called a coconut.

Coconuts are a fruit that grow on a tree. The tree has huge leaves that are 30 meters long. The leaves are bigger than some people! The coconut palm has petals that are 4-6 meters long.

There are many coconut palms on the beaches of Indonesia, India, and Bangladesh. People from this area use coconut milk in cooking.

Women use coconut oil for their hair and body. The coconut’s shell is hard and can be crushed. It can be used to make craftworks.

Coconut milk is a liquid that comes from the inside of a coconut. It is used to make many drinks taste better.

People use coconut oil for cooking and for making soap. In Sri Lanka, people use coconut flowers for weddings.

Coconuts are white and can be eaten raw. They are native to tropical areas. In the Maldives, the coconut tree is the national tree. Most coconuts grow in tropical places. The shadow of a coconut tree looks beautiful in the summer.

step by step Tutorial

Follow all the steps given below to draw a coconut tree in a few minutes.

Now you have successfully completed the drawing of the coconut tree.


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