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How to draw cartoon eyes

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How to draw cartoon eyes

Drawing cartoon eyes is really hard. They are the window to the soul and you can tell a lot about a person by looking in their eyes. You can also tell a lot about a cartoon character by looking in their eyes.

Many cartoon characters don’t look real because their eyes don’t look real. That’s why you should learn how to draw cartoon eyes to make your characters look more real.

Eyes can be different from one creature to another. Some creatures can see better than others.

For example, the owl can see things from a distance of 200 feet in the night. Dogs can’t see colors very well. They mostly see things in black, grey and white. Some creatures don’t have any eyes at all.

Before you start the tutorial, Studying The Real Thing

Don’t forget to look at the picture of a real eye before you start the tutorial. The first thing you see is the eyebrow. Eyebrows are the hairs that grow above the eye.

The next part is the eyelid (2). The eyelid is the flap of skin that covers the eye when you close it.

The third part is the sclera (3). The sclera is the white part of the eye. The last part is the iris (4). The iris is the colored part of the eye.


Let’s look at this picture. We can draw lines around the outside to make it into shapes.

Let’s draw a face. To make it simple, we will just draw the eyes and the eyebrows. The eyes are made up of a circle and a smaller circle that is inside of the bigger one. The eyebrows are made up of two short straight lines.

Eyelashes are the small hairs on top and bottom of the eye. The eye is a round shape on the left side and a pointed shape on the right side. The pupil is a large circle in blue and a small dot in black.


How to draw cartoon eyes

First, you draw a circle. Then, you add a long oval shape. Next, you add two small circles inside the big circle.

Then, you can erase the part of the circle that is outside the eye. Next, you add an eyebrow. Finally, you add some little lines on the left side of the eyebrow.

Under the eye, draw a tiny eyelid. Draw a few eyelashes on top of the eye. Color the eye with a few basic colors.

Remember that this is a cartoon version of an eye. That’s why you can skip a few elements and still end up with an appealing result.


I hope you had fun learning how to draw cartoon eyes using the tutorial on this page.

You can use more realistic models to achieve your goal. Meanwhile, you can also try more fun lessons from this site. Have fun!

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