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How to Draw Caitlyn from League of Legends

How to Draw Caitlyn from League of Legends

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

Step 1

Let’s begin with some instructions, as always. Before you decide on this tutorial, I suggest checking out Dawn’s tutorials about drawing women. This is pretty straightforward stuff. The rifle is one of the most difficult items. We’ll now show you some parallel guides. We’ll show her left arm, which is partially hidden by her torso.

Step 2

You may need to zoom in to view this first step. Let’s start by drawing a line that overlaps Caitlyn’s head. It’s a set of lenses that are mounted on her helmet and help her target distant targets. We will start with some basic loops.

Step 3

First, I enhanced the lines around the lens. Next, draw a piece that will be used to attach the lenses. Draw the swingarm facing upward, then attach it to the hat with a circular hinge.

Step 4

Let’s talk about the hat. Caitlyn is wearing a ridiculous top hat that looks like Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter. The brim curves downwards at the front and upwards at the sides. Instead of drawing a flat shape, we can create depth by joining the lines at the edges.

Step 5

We will be drawing Caitlyn’s hair here, along with the main shape of Caitlyn’s face. The guide line is where the eyebrows and cheek curves meet.

Step 6

Draw the details of your face. If you have trouble drawing faces, Dawn has some basic tutorials that can help.

Step 7

Next, we will draw the collar ruffled around Caitlyn and her neck. You can add stripes to your hat. The brim of the hat has a top edge, so show the stripes along that edge.

Step 8

This is Caitlyn’s chest. It must be warm where she lives. We don’t want the whole curve of her breasts to be shown here. To create creases in my fabric, I created a bottom curve that leads to the breast shape. This frill is also included.

Step 9

As the breasts will be pressed into the garment, show some bulge where your exposed bust meets the top of this fabric. Next, draw the shoulder straps. Now we can finish the hair.

Step 10

We will draw two belts here – one at Caitlyn’s normal waist and one just below her breasts. Because her back is slightly arched we are technically looking up at her ribcage, and down at her pelvis. The belts will curve towards each other because of this.

Step 11

Draw the hips and fill in the waist. Scroll down to draw the bottom of the top/dress she is wearing. You will see a slip underneath the skirt. Don’t forget this detail.

Step 12

I decided to create more detailed guides for the legs in order to make it easier. These will give you an idea of the curves and shapes required. The opposite B shape is found on the left side, towards us. In side view, the other leg is S-shaped.

Step 13

Details of the pins. Make creases at the ankles. She will be wearing leather boots. You can also see the details of the boots’ square toe and high heel here.

Step 14

As we draw the straps to cover Caitlyn’s thighs, and boots, there will be some overlap. Draw the top of your boots below the knee by drawing the buckles on Caitlyn’s thigh straps.

Step 15

Details of the boots and straps. Cover the toe shape of steel toe boots with boots.

Step 16

This is no exaggeration about arms. Get some arm references if you are having difficulty and make sure to check your fingers for finger positions.

Step 17

We can draw the barrels and outline the rifle using parallel guide lines. To indicate the location where trigger and finger will move, draw a small curve.

Step 18

Draw in the hand holding your gun and the rest. This is a great opportunity to look at your hands. Grab your house phone, or any other object that looks like a gun’s handle, and grab it. If you don’t want her to waste ammunition, keep her finger off the trigger.

Step 19

We will now draw a series lens attachments that run down the rifle’s top. Six lenses were counted, which is nuts. Also, draw the hammer back in the ridle.

Step 20

You can add decorative details to your gun handle.

Step 21

To find the missing pieces, you can go through the whole drawing. You can draw away from the shoulders (the most important part), and you can also lengthen the hair outwards, blowing in wind. You can detail the hair. Add amputee gloves. The bust fabric should be striped.

Step 22

Your line art is complete. You can now erase the lines between the overlapping straps.

Step 23

Here’s the finished work of art. It’s not bad. Let me know your thoughts. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Although it’s not the same as standard female fighting games (many of them are already in development), this tutorial is a good starting point. Make sure to upload your work once you are done. We appreciate you watching and thank you for being there!

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