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How to draw braids

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How to draw peaks. This article will show you how to draw a girl with long hair in a ponytail. This step-by-step drawing tutorial is for beginners and kids.

1st Step:

Take a sheet of paper and place it on the art board. Draw a zig zag line using the Pencil Artline Love Art 8B. The line should be up and down on the paper.

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2nd Step:

In the second step of drawing the tops, let’s draw an oval baseline for the girl’s head. Continue on the baseline for the peaks. It is wide from top to bottom, but narrow from below.

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3rd Step:

In the third step draw the girl’s shoulders. Pull the hand Follow the neckline of the girl’s dress.

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4th Step:

Continue pulling the braid. Draw the main lines of the ponytail and head and thicken the line if necessary. Shade the inner lines.

how to draw braids 4

5th Step:

At this stage, you are going to shed the hair. The hair is going to be a different color from the skin, so you’ll need to shade differently.

how to draw braids 5

6th Step:

The last step is to look at your drawing. You can fix any mistake you see. You can also improve it by adding more details. You can add more lines or shading to make it more realistic.

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