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How to draw an elephant

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How to Draw an Elephant9

Elephants are big animals. They are the biggest land animal in the world. Elephants are very fun to watch because they are so big and they have long trunks and they can do fun tricks.

Elephants are big and beautiful animals with very long noses and sharp tusks.

It is hard to draw a planet because they are far away and they are big.

The elephant’s back leg is larger than the front leg. The hip line goes further into the body. There are tusks on either side of the trunk.

The lines that cross over each other need to be erased. Also the two legs on the far side of the elephant are shorter than the front because they are further away.

Materials for How to Draw an Elephant

  •  pencil
  • piece of paper
  • ruler
  •  compass
  • protractor
  • pencil sharpener
  • rubber
  •  paintbrush
  • paint
  • paper towel

Step by Step Tutorial for How to Draw an Elephant

You can use these steps to draw a realistic elephant or a cartoon elephant.

You did it! You made an elephant! You did a great job and we hope you are proud.

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