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How to draw a turtle

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How to draw a turtle6

This tutorial will show you how to draw turtle swimming and is perfect for beginners of all ages – from preschool and kindergarten kids to adults who are just starting out.

how to draw trutle

We will attract tortoises living in the sea, leaving the turtles for another opportunity. It’s a really easy way to draw, so you’ll be ready to draw them on your own in no time.

As with our other tutorials on how to draw, it comes with a printable drawing guide that you can print out and give to your kids.

what you need:

  • Our Printable Template (You can get it at the end of this drawing tutorial)
  • paper
  • printer
  • Black marker(or pencil, crayon,)

How to draw a turtle

In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to make a turtle for kids in 6 easy steps – great for kids and newbies alike.

This turtle tutorial (try saying ten times Real Fast!) is another fun experiment for young artists.

The shells and sides and legs are made of the simplest shapes, but when you put them together, and add a sort of hooked head, you get an eye-catching kind of shape, a cartoon version of a turtle.

You can try sketching different turtles and go for a more realistic design (2), a weird one (3) or a simple one (5). Drawing these animals is not difficult.

Just be sure to emphasize the carapace, flappers (very important) and try to sketch the snake’s head (this will help you draw the turtle’s head correctly).

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