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How To Draw a Snowy Owl Step by Step

How To Draw a Snowy Owl Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

Step 1

Let’s begin the drawing tutorial for how to draw a snowy Owl. Draw the head as a circle, and the body as a large oval.

Step 2

Connect the head and body by drawing a few flowing lines. Next, draw the silhouette for the tail on the majestic bird’s lower body.

Step 3

Next, use a long straight line to carve the edges. Next, draw the feathers with short lines. You can verify the symmetry of your bird drawing in the mirror.

Step 4

Next, draw an almond-shaped eye shape on the head. Next, draw a small beak. This beak should be located in the middle of the face.

Step 5

Next, draw the legs. Turn your owl drawing upside down to check its symmetry.

Step 6

Keep following the lines of the previous stage to draw sharp claws and toes. Some feathers can be depicted on the bottom of your feet.

Step 7

Paint textures on feathers to make your bird drawing more detailed and realistic. To make your artwork appear larger, be sure to take into account the curves of the bird’s body.

Step 8

Take care to remove all construction lines from the snowy owl drawing. To make your artwork more sharp, you could also darken any necessary lines.

Step 9

The owl was painted light gray, almost like it is white. Gray was used for the eyes and the beak. Shadows can be added to give the owl some dimension.

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