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How to draw a rose

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How to Draw A rose

how to draw roses. This article will show you how to make a rose. It is easy to do and you can draw it yourself.

Follow me Rose Drawing Step by Step

1st step: 

It’s easy to sketch a rose if you’re using a reference. Start in the center, and then work your way up. Pay attention to the petals in the middle as they are small and delicate. There is a lot of expansion in a small area.

How to Draw A rose 1

2nd Step: 

Your drawing should look like this. I left the original picture and took the original picture.

How to Draw A rose 2


3rd Step: 

Before you start painting, make the lines thicker with a 5B pencil. This will make the lines easier to see as you tone and shade. Don’t press too hard with the pencil, this will make the lines darker and thicker.

How to Draw A rose 3


4th Step:

Now you can paint. I didn’t paint the outline on the right side because there was too much light, so I didn’t want to remove the outline after that.

How to Draw A rose 4


5th Step: 

Now paint in the dark areas. They may not be completely black on this image, but that’s because of my scanner. It adds extra light.

How to Draw A rose 5


6th Step:

Use the 5B pencil to draw lines on the areas you’ve already painted. Next, use the pencil tip transition circle to add more color and emphasis to your stretched-out areas.

How to Draw A rose 6


7th Step:

Align color, add tone, fade, use darker tones where the petal begins and ends, use a sharp brush to highlight it. It is similar to lip plucking, it is exactly what it is. I hope you find it useful.

How to Draw A rose 7


8th Step: 

Now you can shade the petals. Note that some shadows have very clear edges, because the light is coming from a different direction.

How to Draw A rose 8


9th Step:

After sketching the flower, we are going to shade it. Shadow means the darkening of flower parts. We will shade the outer petals first, not the inner petals. This is because there is too much detail in the center. We want to focus on that in the end.

How to Draw A rose 9


10th Step:

Take care not to pour flour on the petals. If you find it on the petals, wipe it off gently. You’ve already done a lot.

How to Draw A rose


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