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How to draw a lightning bolt

How to draw a lightning bolt7

Lightning is a flash of light that comes from the sky. Lightning is made when clouds rub together.

In this lesson, we will be drawing lightning bolts with straight lines. You can use a ruler to help you draw them, or you can draw them without a ruler.

You might think that drawing a planet is hard, but it’s actually not that hard.

To draw the lightning bolt, you will need a piece of paper and a pencil. You will also need your favorite coloring materials to color the lightning bolt.

How to draw a lightning bolt

1st Step:

Now that you have the first part of your diagram, let’s add the second part. Starting from the right end point of the horizontal line we drew just now, draw a diagonal line heading right.

2nd Step:

Draw a line up from the bottom end of the last line we drew to make a new diagonal line.

3rd Step:

Now draw a short horizontal line from the bottom of the downward diagonal line.

4th Step:

Draw a line down from the cloud to the bottom of the page.

5th Step:

Draw a lightning bolt. Draw a diagonal line on the opposite side of the lightning bolt.


I hope you like this tutorial and I hope you are able to draw a lightning bolt. Now that you know how to draw a lightning bolt, you can draw it in your future drawings.

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