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How to Draw a Jeep

How to Draw a Jeep

Another fascinating drawing lesson has been prepared by me. I’ll show you step-by-step how to draw a jeep.

This lesson will show you how to draw a Jeep step by step. Jeep is an off-road vehicle that is light. It can travel in areas where other cars would find it difficult. It can carry passengers and cargo.

You can learn how to draw a jeep so you can later use these skills when drawing any street or urban landscape.

This lesson will teach you how to draw circles as well as straight lines and rounded lines. Get your art supplies ready and you can start this lesson.

How to Draw a Jeep Step-By-Step

1st Step:

Draw a rectangle-like shape with straight and slightly curved lines.

2nd Step:

Draw two circles that are identical and make two smaller circles within them.

3rd Step:

Add straight lines to the shape above.

4th Step:

Two shapes can be drawn using straight lines and rounded corners.

5th Step:

Draw arcs and straight lines down to the bottom.

6th Step:

Add elements to the front and rear of the jeep using straight lines and rounded lines.

7th Step:

Draw a circle at the back of your jeep.

8th Step:

To remove any unnecessary guidelines, use the eraser.

9th Step:

You can color the jeep with red, black or blue, as well as shades of gray.

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