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How to Draw a Hydra Dragon Step by Step

How to Draw a Hydra Dragon Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

Step 1

Start. To create a hydra body frame, you will need to sketch a number of shapes and guidelines. Make three egg shapes for your head and then add guides to the face. The body is then shaped. Next, draw lines around the neck and tail.

Step 2

As we draw the hydra faces, each end will be dealt with individually. Begin with the muzzle. Make a straight facial structure. The lower jaw should be in line with the upper. The bump or brow bone should be made.

Step 3

Draw such horns to complete the head. As you can see, the tip or tip each horn has an angled point. Draw the lines of the eyes and the fril-like gills at the back. These frills and foreheads should be drawn in detail.

Step 4

The hydra will have one shoulder because this is the neck and head. Draw the neck slightly curled, then draw the back, shoulders and muscle lines.

Step 5

Draw a second head to represent the three-headed beast. This task can be done in the same manner as the drawing of the first hydra head. Only the mouth would be different. This glass has an open mouth.

Step 6

Add horns, frills, and eyes to the rest of your head. All details and definitions should be included.

Step 7

Begin by drawing the neck from the back of your head. Then draw the chest.

Step 8

This will be the monster’s chest. Next, we’ll show you the front legs, feet, claws, and claws. Make sure you outline every muscle and hand definition.

Step 9

Draw the ends as follows: You should take your time to make them all appear like one big beast. Make sure you draw all the necks. Do you not want your head floating?

Step 10

Slowly draw a line across your entire back, just like the tail. Once you are done, outline your hind legs and abs. Next, draw the outline of your legs and then add all the strokes.

Step 11

You’re almost done, guys. You’ll now need to deal with the frilled spiky frills running down the neck and back of the Hydra. After you have drawn all the spikes, you can add details.

Step 12

Next, draw the tail. You can draw the tail with straight edges. After you have added a body definition, you can begin removing mistakes and tutorials.

Step 13

Next, add the neck and stomach scales. Finally, draw a bone carving for the horns. You can add details to the areas you see red spots.

Step 14

This is how your finished hydra will look. Although not everyone will be able to draw perfectly, if you practice enough you can create your masterpiece. My drawing is still not complete.

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