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How to draw a dolphin

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How to draw a dolphin9

Learn how to draw a dolphin by following along with this fun drawing guide!

How to draw a dolphin

This lesson will teach you how to draw a dolphin. It is easy and it is fun. You will learn how to draw a dolphin step by step.

Before we start the dolphin drawing tutorial, you need to have some supplies. You need some pencils, erasers, and a sketching pad. If you have those things, you’re ready to start the dolphin drawing tutorial.

How to draw a dolphin

I am so excited to share this dolphin drawing tutorial with you. There are lots of great ways to color in your dolphin, but for this tutorial, we will use blue. If you want to color your dolphin another color, go for it.

Now we are going to draw a cute dolphin. Follow these steps to draw your own dolphin.

Once you have drawn the dolphin, you have to color it. Color the dolphin blue, because that is the color of the ocean.

Now it’s time to color in your dolphin drawing. Use your imagination and have fun! You could color it in like we did, or you can pick your own colors.

You can use different colors and different types of crayons or markers to color your mandala.

Now that you’ve colored in your drawing, you have successfully learned how to draw a dolphin!

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