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How to draw a dog

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how to draw a dog 5

Greetings to everyone. Today I have prepared a dog for you. I hope you enjoy this blog post.

1st Step: 

So guys, we just started working on this drawing. We hope that you will be with us till the end.

how to draw a dog 1


2nd Step: 

So friends, now we have to draw the nose and ears of the German Shepherd. You can see in this step image how we shaped her nose and ears. I hope you all understand here. If you have understood everything till this step, then read all the steps given below carefully.

how to draw a dog 2


3rd Step:

So now we have to draw the eyes and nose of the German Shepherd. First we have to make two circles instead of eyes. Then we have to draw eye shape on it. When we draw our eyes, we also have to draw our nose.

how to draw a dog 3


4th Step: 

Now friends, you have to make this shape yourself. You can use a compass and ruler to help you draw it towards you. Then you can paint it and make it look like Jupiter.

how to draw a dog 4


5th Step: 

Friends, this drawing is already done, but you have to add something to it. This is the most important part of the drawing. You can see it in the next picture.

how to draw a dog 5


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