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How to draw a deer

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How to draw a deer10

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a deer. It is a large animal.

The deer has two short front legs and two long back legs. The deer has a long neck and a very long tail.

The deer has a small head and it has a large body. The deer has a large mouth and it has small eyes.

1st Step:

First draw a circle for the head. It is like an ear. Or a sideways “W” with the top side much rounder than the bottom side.

How to draw a deer1

2nd Step:

At the bottom of the face draw a large black nose.

How to draw a deer2

3rd Step:

we add the eyes on the two sides of the face.

How to draw a deer3

4th Step:

we add the pointy ears on either side of the head.

How to draw a deer4

5th Step:

Draw a branch on the top of the deer’s head.

How to draw a deer5

6th Step:

Now you can make the second antler. Make sure it looks exactly like the first one but upside down.


How to draw a deer6

7th Step:

Start at the bottom of the right ear. Draw a short line down. Sharply bend the line to the right.

Draw a curved line down from the bottom of the snout.

How to draw a deer7

8th Step:

The main color is brown. The body is long and skinny. There is a white stripe around the neck.

How to draw a deer8

9th Step:

Now draw the belly and the back leg. The back leg continues down from the back line.

The top part of the leg is curved but the bottom part is straight and thin. Don’t forget the black hoof at the bottom.

How to draw a deer9

10th Step:

Now add another leg. Then add another leg in front of the other back leg.

How to draw a deer10

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