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How to draw a cube

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How to draw a cube6

A cube is a shape that we see in some form or the other every day of our lives. It can make everything from six-sided, 3D-shaped snowflakes and bricks to soapstone and wood blocks.

Since we see cubes in some form or another almost every day, you’d think that it would be really easy to pick one from memory.

However, this can be much more difficult due to the 3D format on a 2D surface. However, if you know what to do, it can be a lot easier than you think!

Art Supplies

  • Mechanical or regular pencil
  • Eraser
  • marker
  • Crayola

Cube drawing is a complete geometric tutorial, you can draw it using stencil and roller. In the first step, figure out in which direction you want to work. Then start drawing a horizontal line moving from left to right.

These points will become the vanishing points for the cube. Then decide which will be the first page of your cube. Similarly, you can decide to shade your cube even if the front is not shadowed.

Always shade the sides and back to add depth. In the example below, we have given some examples of different shading techniques. By quoting them you can learn how to make a cube with different shaded sides.

How to draw a cube step by step

Here are some ways to get started making your own cube. How you start will depend on the angle at which you are looking at your object.

If you are looking at your object directly, you will use the concept of 1 point perspective. Although I will not show you here.


When learning to draw a cube, shading is almost as important as the actual drawing. Don’t think that everything you do has to be perfect. Learn and understand basic concepts, and improve over time with practice.

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