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How to draw a cat

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How to Draw a Cat 6

Hello everyone, welcome to today’s blog post. In this blog post, I have shown how to draw a cat face. I have explained to you all the steps so that you can draw them yourself.

Follow me cat Drawing step by step

1st Step: 

To make a cat face, you must first draw a circle. Draw a circle according to the size of the cat you want to draw. The circle doesn’t have to be perfect, but you can use a tool to help you draw it.

How to Draw a Cat 1


2nd Step: 

Now draw a line inside the circle. This line will help us divide the cat’s face. If we want the distance between the cat’s eyes to be the same, we can draw a line. Now draw a small circle to draw the cat’s mouth.

How to Draw a Cat 2


3rd Step: 

So guys now we have to draw the cat’s ear. It’s easy to draw them. When you first draw them, never draw them with a dull pencil. First of all you have to draw them lightly so that if you make any mistake then you can erase it and there is no trace of this pencil left.

How to Draw a Cat 3


4th Step: 

Now we have to draw the eye of the cat. First we need to shape the eye. After shaping we have to draw the lens of the eye. To do this, we need to draw a circle. If you understand all the above steps, then you must read all the steps below.

How to Draw a Cat 4


5th Step: 

Now we have to draw the nose and mouth of the cat. At this stage you can see how the nose and mouth are drawn. First, we have to blow our nose. It’s easy to smell. You have to pay attention to the shape of the nose. To smell after to smell.

How to Draw a Cat 5


6th Step: 

So guys, now we have to finish the last part of this drawing  which is the sketch. Sketching takes some effort. The rest of you can easily do this drawing. We hope that you all enjoy this article.

How to Draw a Cat 6


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