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How to draw a bow

How to draw a bow

You can learn how to draw a bow. You can use your new bow to decorate a birthday card or a greeting card. You can add a special message to your card and a pretty bow to go with your handmade gift.

We have a drawing lesson that will teach you how to draw a pretty bow or bow tie.

When I first tried drawing a bow, I thought it would be very hard. But then I drew the first step, and the rest of it became easy and fun. I started drawing bows all over my notebook.

How to draw a bow step-by-step guide

  • Start by drawing a circle. This will be the center of the bow you are about to draw.
  • Take your pencil and draw a straight line from the top right to the bottom left.
  • Once you have finished one side of the bow, go over to the other side of the center and draw a shape that is identical to the one you just drew.
  • Now you can add some details to the bow by drawing two curved lines on either side of the shapes from before.
  • To make your bow tie look like a bow, draw two shapes like this, one that is more curved than the other. Make sure your bow is shaped like this and you’ve finally finished your bow drawing.

Some bow drawing pictures


When you draw something, it’s important to start somewhere. If you’re drawing a bow, for example, you could start by drawing a small circle at the center of the bow.

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