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How to draw a bear

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How to draw a bear9

Bears are animals. They can be cute like teddy bears, but they can also be dangerous like lions.

Grizzly bears are easy to draw because they are big and they have thick fur over them so you can’t see their outlines, and they walk on their toes like we do. They have a big head and small eyes and a big mouth. So, even if you are a beginner, you can draw a realistic bear with me.

How to start a drawing of a Bear

If u draw the bear looks real, you have to make sure the proportions are right. If the legs are too short or the head is too small, it won’t look like a real animal.

The reason we need to do a sketch first is so we can see if the drawing is the right shape. A sketch can show us the shape without having to spend a lot of time on the details. If we do a sketch first, then we can see if the drawing looks right before we spend a lot of time on it.

In order to draw a bear, you’ll want:

  • sharp pencil
  • black fine liner
  • white paper
  • ruler
  •  eraser

Draw a circle that is bigger at the bottom than at the top. Then draw lines that go around the circle. The lines will be the fur of the bear.

So, let’s start our tutorial on drawing a bear with pencil sketch drawing step by step.


Now we have done how to draw a bear. It was easy and effortless to draw.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and learned how to draw animals. Now you can make your own animals and share them with your friends.


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