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How to draw a basketball

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How to draw a basketball8

Basketball is a game that you can play with a ball and a hoop. It is the only game that was invented in America.

Basketball is a game. It is a sport. A very popular sport. The first basketball game was played in 1891. It was invented by a teacher. The teacher was told to make a game for the students to play. He decided to make a game that could be played indoors. The students played the game and liked it. They played it again and again and they kept playing it.

The first ever basketball game was played with a soccer ball. The goals consisted of peach baskets. The boys scored one point during the game.

In the beginning, basketball players had to pick up the ball when they scored a basket. The first nets were made of string. They were used to catch the ball when it went through the hoop. The first basketballs were made out of leather. They were good for playing in the gym, but they got damaged when people played on the hard surface of the street. Nowadays, most basketballs are made of rubber or other strong materials.

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I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. It’s time to go outside and play basketball. If you like to draw, then you might also enjoy drawing a baseball or any other sports.

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