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How to draw a banner

How to draw a banner5

Have you ever seen those cool banners and wanted to know how to draw them? Today I’m going to show you a simple technique that will have you making beautiful banners in four easy steps!

You can make cards and banners with these letters. You can use them to make cards for any occasion.

Let’s learn how to draw a banner

How to draw a banner

1st Step:

Use your pencil to draw a shape like a backwards S. Remember that you want your banner to be a certain length and width.

2nd Step:

Now, draw a shape under the one you did previously. Leave about half an inch in between the shapes. You can leave more space if you want. This all depends on how wide you want your banner sides to be.

3rd Step:

Let’s make the banner more creative. First, go over it again and make the lines thicker. This will help you fix any imperfect sides of the banner.

4th Step:

Now let’s try something different. Let me show how you can use the same technique to create different types of banners.

5th Step:

Follow the same steps as before, but don’t close the ends of the banner with a “horizontal V’. Instead, close the ends with a line, and add a swirl to the end of the banner and connected it to the banner itself.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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