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House drawing

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house drawing 5

Hello everyone, welcome to today’s blog post. In today’s blog post, I have provided a home outline for all of you. Here is a very simple picture. You will find all the materials needed to make this picture in the following steps.  If you want to make this drawing, read this article from beginning to end.

1st image:

First, draw a horizontal line. To draw a line of the horizon, you can use proportions, but you must draw a line. Don’t make a mistake when drawing straight lines.

house drawing



2nd image: 

Now we have to draw a line in the middle of the paper. You should draw the line slightly down the middle. You should not draw too many lines. Now you have to draw two lines on the right and left side. The lines should go from top to bottom.

house drawing2


3rd image:

We have to draw the line which goes in the middle. Then we have to draw lines on both sides and line in the middle.

house drawing 3


4th image:

Now we have to draw some lines and design the house with your help. I can’t tell you much, just the basics I told you.

house drawing 5

I hope you all liked this article. Look the sketch of the house, then only you will be able to make this drawing. Finally, we have to sketch.  I am sure you must have liked this article (House Sketch), I did not spare any degree on my own to understand this drawing.

If you think there is something wrong with this article, then you can tell us in the comments.