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Easy Christmas drawings

Easy Christmas drawings3

Putting up Christmas decorations and watching the Christmas lights sparkle is fun. Christmas decorations are things like Christmas trees, lights, and Santa Claus. We put up Christmas decorations around the middle of November and take them down again in January.

Welcome to our page of easy Christmas drawings! Here we have lots of tutorials on Let’s Draw That! which you can use to decorate your house for Christmas. Have fun and enjoy!

Let’s start our collection with the symbol of Christmas – the Christmas tree. Here are two different ways to draw a Christmas tree.

You can learn how to draw a Christmas tree by learning the different shapes and lines. The tree is green and the ornaments are red and green. The gifts are under the tree. You can draw this at any time of the year and it will remind you of Christmas.

The first Christmas tree was easy to draw. It was just three triangles. Then, when you add decorations – like baubles and a star – the triangles become a lovely Christmas tree.

Easy Christmas drawings

1st Step:

Here is the basic shape of our Christmas tree – three triangles stacked on top of each other.

This is your drawing. You can draw whatever you want. If you want a really tall tree, you can make your triangles taller. If you want a really small tree, you can make your triangles smaller. But three is a good number here.

2nd Step:

Let’s turn these three triangles into a Christmas tree.

First, draw a trunk for your tree. This can be a rectangle. If you make it a bit wider at the bottom, it will look more like an actual tree trunk.

Now, draw a Christmas star to put on top of the tree. If you need some help, check out the how to draw a star tutorial!

3rd Step:

Draw some Christmas decorations on the tree. Draw circles for the baubles on the Christmas tree.

Now that we have all the sketching done, let’s draw the Christmas tree. The final step is to colour in the picture of the Christmas tree.

The trunk of the tree is brown. Use some happy colours to decorate the tree. The star decoration at the top of the tree needs to be gold.

Skeleton drawing

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