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Eagle drawing

Eagle drawing 5

Eagles are a type of bird. They are very strong and they have a lot of power. They are very proud and they are the national bird of the United States.

Eagles are big birds. They are not loved by all the other animals in the world, but some people love them.

If you want to draw an eagle, then this is the guide for you.

We made this guide to help you draw an eagle. You can use the steps to draw an eagle.

Step-By-Step guide

1st Step:  First, draw a curved line to make the neck of the eagle. Then, draw some thinner curved lines to form the slightly open beak as it appears in the picture.

2nd Step: Now draw a line for the nose. Then draw a long curved line coming up from the end of the neck.

3rd Step: Draw a curved line coming down from the beak of the eagle. They will end at some straighter lines that will make up the top of the legs as they appear in the reference picture.

4th Step: The other wing will be on the other side of the body. It will be smaller because it is farther away from you.

5th Step: You need to draw some talons. Talons are claws that birds have.

Some pictures of Eagle drawing 

You have drawn your eagle. Now you are going to color it in.

Now you have a good idea of how to draw an eagle. It may have seemed like a hard drawing at first because it was so detailed. But you learned all the steps and now you know how to draw an eagle.

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