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Drawing of pot leaf

Drawing of pot leaf

Pot leaves are the leaves on the marijuana plant. They are very cool looking and I like to draw them.

If you need to make a pot leaf logo or if you want to learn how to draw a weed leaf, I’ll show you how in this tutorial.

Drawing of pot leaf

1st Step:

Draw a straight line from the left side of the paper to the right side.

2nd Step:

Cut it into quarters, then cut the upper quarter into quarters.

3rd Step:

Place a mark on the right side of the line.

4th Step:

Draw a line from the bottom tip of the first line towards the horizontal line, at a 30-degree angle.

5th Step:

Connect the lines at the top of the leaf to finish the outline.

6th Step:

Fill in all of the leaves to make a pot leaf outline.  When you’re done, fill in the main stem.

7th Step:

Finally, add the final look to the leaf image by drawing a few lines on the outer edge of the leaf.

8th Step:

Color this pot leaf.

Now you know how to draw a pot leaf.

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