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Dove drawing

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Dove drawing9

Pigeons are the most common type of bird in the world, and they were domesticated a long time ago.

Famous historical figures such as Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar and others used them to convey messages.

A dove with an olive branch at the bottom is a symbol of peace. The dove of peace surrounds all countries of the world and is a symbol adopted after the end of World War II.

In 1949, the painter Pablo Picasso participated in the World Congress for Peace and produced a poster of the Congress with a lithograph of a pigeon resting on the ground and then drawing another pigeon flying with an olive branch in its beak.

Then the dove of peace became popular and spread all around.

This tutorial shows you how to draw a pigeon in a few simple steps. The wings are only shown to give a sense of proportion. The wings are only shown to give a sense of proportion.

dove drawing

Dove Drawing step by step

1st Step:

Pull the front of the bird’s body.

Dove drawing1

2nd Step:

Add the bird’s back.

Dove drawing2

3rd Step:

Draw the tail feathers, beak and eyes.

Dove drawing3

4th Step:

Start the wing with a slightly curved edge.

Dove drawing4

5th Step:

Draw the lines of the wings at equal distances.

Dove drawing5

6th Step:

Add rounded feather heads.

Dove drawing6

7th Step:

Pull out the other hand.

Dove drawing7

8th Step:

Add leaves and clouds.

Dove drawing8

9th Step:

Trace with markers and colors.

Dove drawing9

Michael myers drawing

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