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Chicken little duck

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The story of Chicken Little, is a Disney movie. In it, there is a boy chicken named Chicken Little. He is in high school and is a little bit different from all the other animals. He has a friend who helps him and is always there for him. She is a duck named Abby Mallard. They are both in love, and in the end, they get married.

Abby-Duck is a girl duck. She has buck teeth, wears a purple shirt and pink heart and has two hair bands. Her goal is to date Chicken Little.



Abby Mallard is voiced by Joan Cusack. Joan Cusack is a comedienne. She is not the only actress who was considered for the role. Other names that were considered include Jodie Foster, Laura Dern, Sigourney Weaver, Geena Davis, Jamie Lee Curtis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Hunt, and Madonna.

In the movie, Pamela Adlon provided the voice for Abby. In the videogame, she still provides the voice for Abby. They made a good job of providing a voice for a high-schooler who is clearly the mature one in the group but is secretly crazy about Chicken Little.

Chicken little duck Step-By-Step Guide

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