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Car Drawing

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car drawing 8

How to draw a car. When you know how easy it is to build a car. I will show you how to draw a car with step by step drawing instructions.

1st step: 

To draw a car, you must first draw the outline of the body. To be successful in Affiliate Business, you need more than luck. You should sketch the bodywork with very soft lines so that you can easily make changes.

car drawing 1


2nd step: 

Now we need to draw up the basic details of the  car. Start from the front. Take out the big round headlights and big grille. Next, draw the big tires, windshield and side windows.

car drawing 2


3rd step: 

Now we need to draw the car in more detail using deep and clear lines. We start with the front of the car and the headlights. The headlights of this car are round like most of the old cars. Next, we track the shape of the bumper and hood.

car drawing 3


4th step: 

The body of the car is quite small which helps it to move fast. When we draw a car, we follow the shape of the body of the car. We also draw the rear view mirror because it is there.

car drawing 4


5th step:

There are many lines on this car. We will take them to the next level. First we’ll draw a door, a side skirt, and some lines on the side of the car. We will also draw a handle.

car drawing 5


6th step: 

You can make car tires using round pieces of paper. Make them as round and smooth as possible. Also be sure to draw shapes on the inside of the tire.

car drawing 6


7th step: 

Older cars have smaller tires. But recently, many cars have bigger tires. You can pull any type of tire. For example, you can draw a car with square tires.

car drawing 7


8th step: 

Car drawing is almost done, and to make it look more realistic and bigger, we wanted to paint the shed. Drawing shadows is not difficult. First, identify the light source, and often it falls from above. With this in mind, add a dash to your artwork. You can adjust the shadow shade by changing the pressure on the pencil.

car drawing 8


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